How to know the IP address of a connected android Hotspot

How do I find out the IP address of the connected at Hotspots Android?, easy as pie. The world of android will mengulasnya for all readers. IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique address that is given in a bias network to connect with each other. Where any IP address between one user by another user cannot be the same bias causes the IP address conflicts.

Lalau how to let us know which IP address to connect to the hotspot to android phones?, easy, check out his tips below.

1. open settings Hotspot in android phone buddy

2. Go to the Hotspot that you have turn on and you will see the user connected with the looks of his Mac Address and looked to a menu block.

3. Now go to users who you want to see his IP address by clicking one time address Mac address. See example above.

4. There will be listed IP addresses who wanted PAL see, e.g. as in the picture below.

Very easy right how to view IP address of users who connect to the Hotspot android we?, hopefully the above tips and reviews useful and please try.

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